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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Need Some Extra Credit For Xmas?

The last thing I want to do is to encourage you to have extra debt but I've just come across a couple of great deals that might be interesting for you.

First of all have you ever wondered what your credit rating is? The majority of UK credit searches - carried out by organisations like banks, finance houses and shops - are made online. CreditExpert allows you to see what they see (helping you to understand the decisions they make about you as a potential borrower), to put records straight if they are inaccurate and to help identify any identity fraud as soon as it takes place

With absolutely no obligation (or financial outlay!) get your
free Experian credit report and 30 day free trial of the CreditExpert Monitoring Service.

When you join CreditExpert (even on the trial basis) you will have immediate access to your free personal credit report. As a member, you will then enjoy instant online access to your credit report at all times, enabling you to monitor your credit commitments and credit history and even your National Credit Score.

You will also receive weekly text or e-mail alerts letting you know when significant changes have been made to your credit report

So if you are want to know how you are really seen in by the Banks and Shops etc. just click on:

Test Your Credit Rating 468x60

And once you know where you stand, then why not consider a totally new credit card from Morgan Stanley. They have a whole range of different cards and offers available from blue, silver, gold and platinum - each with all sorts of great deals.

For example 0% p.a on Balance Transfers and Purchases fixed for the first six months your Account is open (12.3% APR) on the Morgan Stanley Gold Card.

They also have airmile offers as well as up to 2% Cashback on all purchases - so what are you waiting for

Morgan Stanley Credit Cards


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