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Saturday, October 21, 2006

How to Hit a Great First Shot

All golfers know that there's nothing like an excellent start to put you in a confident frame of mind.

Recently several Tour players were asked, "What's your strategy for psyching out an opponent during match play?"

Here's what Billy Mayfair said:

"Hit a great first shot--that puts pressure on your opponent right from the start."

To "crush it" right from the start, you need to discover your best focus while golfing.

Most golfers are overly focused on either

a) shooting a low score or

b) hitting excellent shots

Sound familiar?

The problem with these focuses is that they usually raise your score.

There's a paradox in golf: the more we try to lower our score, the more our game deteriorates.

This is because the ball is not under our direct and immediate control.

The more we try to guide, steer, and control it, the more we tighten up, and the worse we play.

Instead of focusing on an outcome you cannot control, I suggest a process focus when you golf.
A process focus is a goal under your direct and immediate control.

Here are some examples of an excellent process focus for golf:

1. I want to visualize the flight path of my shot with clarity.

2. I want to keep my alignment consistent and my club face square to the ball.

3. I want to read the greens effectively and learn about this course.

4. I want to keep my eye on the ball as I make contact with it.

A process focus keeps you relaxed, loose, and paying attention to a specific objective that helps your game.

Next time you golf, keep your mind on your process focus.

You will play better and enjoy the game without trying to do so directly

If you are thinking to yourself "I
really, really need to get the mental part of my game handled"...


You certainly do need to get it handled.

You need to learn how to become mentally tough on the golf course RIGHT NOW.

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