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Friday, May 19, 2006

Great New Idea For Golf Societies

Golf Societies - Nearest the Pin / Longest Drive Kit
Just launched here's a really great idea for Golf Societies or anyone organising a day's golf for their mates - your own Nearest the Pin / Longest Drive marker kit.

We've all been've done all the hard work organising the Golf day, arranging the prizes, the food, the tee times.... only to then find out the local Pro can't put his hands on the nearest the pin / longest drive markers.

Or even if he can find them, who's the poor soul who has to lug the heavy metal plate and spike out to the relevant holes....and even worse, who has to bring them back....

And then when it rains, who can write on the paper and then who can read it?..... say nothing of the mess the spike makes to the green.

So with all the tools we have available these days, why on earth have we put up this frustrating and incredibly inefficient process?

Well at last we have a real alternative. And like all the best ideas it's incredibly simple.

Welcome to the PinHigh Kit - the smart way to organising your Society's nearest the pin comps.

The first team out simply puts the markers in position and the last team brings them back in.

The kit comes in a tough polypropylene box (about the same size as a videocassette box). Which easily fits into your golf bag (without puncturing either your leg or bag on the spike!) and only weighs 0.2kg.

Open it up and you get:

- 2 telescopic marker poles with a strong magnet at one end and a reinforced sharp steel point (with safety guard) at the other. The marker extends to 2 foot (60cm).

- 2 High Visibility Marker boxes (measuring 3.5" by 2.5 " (9cm x 6cm) with a metal insert to easily sit securely on top of the magnet

Golf Societies - Nearest the Pin / Longest Drive Kit

and then inside each marker box you have 5 reinforced "plasticised" cards and a pencil to record the best efforts for the longest drive / nearest the pin. And because they are inside the sealable marker box you don't have all the problems with soggy paper and pens not writing.

Golf Societies - Nearest the Pin / Longest Drive Kit

And then, but by no means least, because the tough steel point is much thinner than the traditional spike it goes into the green and ground so much more easily, without causing all the damage

In case you're still convinced then click here to see a video of the kit in action.

Just think even your regular Sunday couple of 4 balls can have their own extra competition - you don't even need to be a society. Or get one to take away for the annual golfing trip.

The kits can also be customised for Promotional / Marketing purposes - if this is of interest just let me know.

You really have a chance to have a bit of fun with your mates / next society outing and you won't be disappointed.

And with pricing starting at only £24.99 (inc delivery to the UK), what are you waiting for just click here . So don't wait, pop over to for this and other great offers of great brands at great prices


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