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Monday, December 18, 2006

Get Back in control

Most golfers are happy to break 80.

Few dream of breaking 60, especially in a tournament or 'friendly' game with business associates. Assuming you've mastered the fundamentals of your shots, the challenge to breaking 60 is being consistent on every hole. To develop this consistency, you must learn the mental toughness art of staying in control regardless of the distractions surrounding you.

Perspective: Geiberger's method for staying in control

The first player to break 60 on the PGA Tour may surprise you. It wasn't Hogan, Snead, Palmer or Nicklaus. It was Al Geiberger.

That's right. Geiberger shot a shocking 59 at the 1977 Memphis Classic, held at the Colonial Country Club, ranked by Golf Digest as one of the One Hundred Greatest Courses. Since then only two other players have broken 60: Chip Beck in 1991 and David Duval in 1999.

After a notable career on the PGA Tour, Geiberger moved to the Senior Tour, where he has won at least 10 times. Geiberger's method of staying in control is to invoke perspective on the golf course. "If you hit a bad shot, just tell yourself it's great to be alive, relaxing, and walking around on a beautiful golf course," says Geiberger. "The next shot will be better."

When you are faced with distractions on the course, you need to get back control. It's perfectly natural to feel frustrated and agitated on the course, but you don't want to feed these feelings. Instead, get back in control by focusing on something interesting, or something that has an element of beauty.

If you are thinking to yourself "I really, really need to get the mental part of my game handled"...


You certainly do need to get it handled.

You need to learn how to become mentally tough on the golf course RIGHT NOW.

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