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Monday, December 11, 2006

Prevent Golf Frustration Like a Pro

Whenever you become super-frustrated on the golf course, the first place to look is your expectations.

Expectations are at the root of most frustrations.

When you are performing well and suddenly your opponent sinks a long chip or comes out of the woods to make a par, you know what I'm talking about. Instantly, you become frustrated.
Your frustration causes you to try and guide or steer the ball, rather than swinging freely.

In the Tournament Players Championship several years ago, Tom Kite and Chip Beck were the final twosome. Chip started out horribly, making four bogeys on the front side shooting 40.
But Tom did not expect Chip to keep playing that badly. Instead, he assumed Chip would be as hot on the back side as he had been cold on the front. And Chip did get hot, shooting 31.
Tom stuck to his game plan.

At the final hole, Tom teed off with a two-stroke lead. Chip had a tricky, downhill putt of 25 feet.Tom immediately assumed Chip would make that putt. Sure enough, he did.If Chip's putt had surprised or unnerved Tom, his next putt would have suddenly become much harder.

But Tom had prepared his expectations perfectly.

His emotional state did not change when Chip's ball disappeared into the hole.
Tom holed his par putt and won the tournament.

The simple act of carefully monitoring your expectations -- about course conditions, opponents, even your own shots -- will prevent frustration and keep you collected on the golf course.

If you are thinking to yourself "I really, really need to get the mental part of my game handled"...


You certainly do need to get it handled.

You need to learn how to become mentally tough on the golf course RIGHT NOW.

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