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Thursday, December 01, 2005

And How Good Are You Really At Playing Computer Golf?

Well now's your chance to put it to the test and win some real money.Game Account the UK's Number 1 Gaming Site has developed the most fantastic online Golf Game. With entry fees as low as 50pence and prizes approaching £1,000 why not have a bit of fun?

Play Golf & win cash!

This online golf game was awarded Webgame of the Month by the leading international PC games magazine PCZone. All of your usual PC Golf gaming tools and techniques are there.

Choose your club and swing away on a classic 18-hole "Parkland" course. Real-time physics ensures the wind, ball and club action are kept frighteningly real. And don't worry about losing your money before you've had a chance to practice. There's a full "Golf Tutorial" for new players and practice ground available!

When your are ready you can enter a whole range of tournaments - knockouts, up to 5 player stroke play competitions, hole in one comps etc..

So Play Games! Have Fun! Win Cash! - Just Click here now to get started

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