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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Great Offers on Callaway Golf Shoes

Although a Pro Shop closing down is never good news, it does mean that we can pass on some great savings to you.

We've got a range of Callaway Premium leather Sport Saddle shoes (RRP £100) on offer from just £44.99, so just click here to grab yourself a bargain.

And of course always great brands at great prices on offer at

Sunday, September 10, 2006

If you Can Ignore the Obnoxious Words You Might Just Make Some Serious Money

I know we all see lots of hype on how people are making a fortune out of the internet. And I have to say when I first saw the ad for The Rich Jerk (and I don't might admitting it) that I was taken completely aback. This guy is rude, obnoxious, smart mouthed, cocky, and just downright insulting.

My initial response was: WHAT AN IDIOTIC JERK!

Then a chap who really knows what he's talking about in this area, told me that he had ordered the Rich Jerk's materials and was amazed at the quality of the content, the sound advice, and the strategies for making big profits online. He said he learned things that he didn't even know about online marketing, and he's been doing this for years.

His recommendation is that anyone who is interested in selling online should just get past all the hype and outrageous smugness in the ad and just read this book, it's that good.

You may find the ad offensive and very irritating, but as my colleague put it:

"I can now see why he's a Rich Jerk, instead of a poor one..."

Can't argue with that logic, I suppose.

If you're interested in selling online and can get past 10 tons of attitude, check it out for yourself at this link.

Unfortunately he does know what he's talking about !!

After all you may just make yourself some serious money, but still remain a nice person !!