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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Pro Strike - Fantastic New Innovative Golf Swing Training Aid Now Available

Originally developed in ~North America and now available in the UK, ProStrike is a new and innovative golfer's aid for anyone who would like to improve their golf swing and game.

It is quite literally "A Golf Pro in a Bottle"

ProStrike is a spray aid that gives players instant feedback on where the ball is striking the clubface.

Whether you are driving or putting, ProStrike will show you exactly where the club came in contact with your golf ball. Then you can make the necessary adjustment to correct your swing.

A really simple and great idea.

ProStrike is a specially formulated liquid that when sprayed directly on your club face dries instantly to a harmless white powder. When you hit the ball, it will leave a clear imprint on the club face. You can then make the necessary adjustments to correct your swing. Each spray lets you hit several times. Simple to use, just spray on your clubface, let dry in a few seconds.
Pro Strike - Just Spray It Evenly Over the Club Pro Strike - It Dries Very Quickly to a White Haze Pro Strike - And Then Look to See Where You Are Striking
And it's really easy to clean the club afterwards, no need for water or scrub brushes. The film simply wipes off with a dry cloth. Even the teaching pros will know exactly where you are hitting the ball and be able to give corrective advice to improve your swing.

And best of all the introductory pricing is from £9.99 per bottle, so get on over to or for your supplies now.

At that price, what have you got to lose......other than a few shots