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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Champ Scorpion Stinger Soft Spikes Now in Stock

CHAMP's most significant advancement in sport cleat technology since the invention of soft golf spikes. CHAMP engineers designed the SCORPION Stinger™ to provide superior comfort without sacrificing traction.

These spikes will generally last twice as long as the nearest competitor.

Key features:

- "C" Visible wear indicator turns solid when the spikes need to be replaced - soft durometer TPU for superior comfort - Green friendly design minimises marks on the green

- Wrench holes formed in rigid material. Anti Clog design.

- Secondary traction elements provide stability and support from the ground up

Please note your CORRECT FITTING - the TRI-LOK system is designed for the following makes of shoes: Adidas, Bite, Cyclonic, Dexter, Footjoy, Lady Fairway, Oakley, Wilson however you can download the definitive guide
by clicking here

And pricing is only £7.99 including UK delivery for a set of 20

A simple wrench is included in the pack but if you'd like a better quality wrench for only £2.99, please go to our shop for this and all 3 versions of the spikes