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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sat Nav for the Golf Course has now arrived

Yes, the ultimate "toy" is now available. Don't mess about with stroke saver guides when you can have the latest handheld GPS system. I'm really pleased that are now selling these as now when I'm in the middle of the woods I'll know exactly how far I've mishit it and exactly how far it is to the next water hazard !!

If you've not seen these yet then read on ..... now has handheld GPS systems available

The Caddy Handheld GPS Receiver represents state of the art technology specifically and exclusively designed for the game of golf providing accurate information when its needed in a way it can be clearly understood by ALL golfers. Whilst the technology is complex and the result of a Multi Billion Dollar Investment by the United States Government – It is designed to be incredibly simple to operate. So simple in fact that in any single round of 18 holes of golf you need only press Power On – Select The Course & Press Start ,All before you get to the first Tee.
After that Your Caddy works for YOU. Automatically providing you with the information you need WHEN you need it. Simply clip it to your bag and forget about it, It will allow you to JUST KNOW the distance to a Hazard, Front of the green, Centre of the Green and/or Back of the Green.

Your Caddy will not interfere with your game of golf or that of your playing partners, but your playing partners WILL want to know what your Caddy is telling you !

Hands Free Operation:
Your Caddy is designed so that you can switch it on as you arrive at the club, select the course you are playing on the day and your Caddy will immediately give you the distances you require for hole number one. After that You SHOULD NOT NEED TO TOUCH YOUR CADDY AGAIN until the round of golf is completed. No need to fiddle, press buttons and interrupt your game OR your playing partners game now has handheld GPS systems available

Your Caddy will automatically provide you with the distances you need on each and every golf hole. At all times throughout a hole your Caddy will display (in the small top row of the display) the distance to the front of the green you are playing – EVEN if you are on an adjoining fairway or through the green. You will also know how far it is TO or TO CARRY up to three primary hazards on each hole: Bunkers, Water, Dog Legs, Fairway Run Out, Hollows or Paths etc. As these hazards become out of play the large element of the display (visible from over 20ft away) will automatically change to the Front of Green, Centre of Green and Back of Green

Know Your Distance:
Your Caddy IS designed for Hands free use, however if you want to record the distance achieved by each club in the bag, either during a practice session or a round of golf you can do. Your Caddy will measure the distance for any club in the bag. In Version 2 Software available later this year (probably late Spring / early Summer) your Caddy will record and average your distances of each club for you so that it will even know which club to recommend for any given distance

Is it Legal ?

On September 27th 2005 the R & A issued a press release (click here to see it) which confirmed that measuring devices would become legal under a local rule, effective 1 January 2006.


  • Your New Caddy: Intuitive simple to use 16 channel GPS receiver with upgradeable software
  • 15 hours of rechargeable battery life and a USB socket for PC & Web connectivity

  • Your course map pre loaded or one FREE credit for the course of your choice
  • Mains power supply
  • USB connection lead
  • Universal cradle
  • Bag clip
  • Your Caddy yardage chart
  • Instruction book

    Guarantee: 12 months

    Is My Course Available?
    Currently there are over 1200 courses available and they are being added at a rapid rate. On the off chance that your course isn't listed then all you need to do is contact
    golf-plus and they will endeavour to have the course mapped within 14 days. My own personal experience was excellent in this regard and my local course Oak Park Golf Club was done in less than that.

    I've put together a small (38k) pdf download which should answer most (
    click here to download ) or you can of course go to golf-plus and look around there.

    it'll cost you about the same as a driver but is so much more accurate !!!

    Don't pay more, payless4 Handheld Golf GPS Systems